Organic Basics, handmade in Brisbane.

At Morningstar Designs we have a commitment to high quality and long lasting fashion. Everything is Australian made. We have a growing selection of organic basics aimed at both boys and girls. The Morningstar Designs basics range has been expertly created to fill a market gap – starting with organic underwear. Our organic underwear is made from high quality and locally sourced organic cotton knit fabric . Our organic fabric is grown fair trade and expertly in India before being brought to Australia to be made into the beautiful cotton we use here. The design used is specially modified to minimise any wedgies and to ensure comfort. The basics range will continue to grow following the huge success of the launch of underwear. We take great care at every step of the process. Fabric is sampled before chosen and wash tested to see how it will last. Patterns are carefully traced out at each size and then edited for fit. Because of this we can cater each item to fit you properly. Each garment is lovingly hand crafted out of my home studio especially for you.   Current shop can be found on ETSY HERE.