Elimination Communication (EC), what’s next?

Elimination Communication (EC), what’s next?

First of all, what is Elimination Communication (EC)?

Well, it is not potty training. It is a gentle process by which a baby, often from very early stages, learns with the help of parents and caregivers to communicate and become aware of his or her elimination needs. Practicing EC removes the need to ‘potty train’ your kids as they already understand when they need to use the toilet and can do so on their own. For support and resources check out this page.

Having seen this first hand this whole process can be amazing! I have seen my sweet little baby nieces happily holding their ‘eliminations’ until they are being held over a toilet. Happily lying there without a nappy on and having no accidents. *I myself am not a parent, but I have every intention of becoming one someday so want to be fully informed and understand how to parent my children. I also understand that what works for one family does not necessarily work for everyone else.

So here you are, your baby understands their elimination abilities and have become physically able to get themselves onto a potty or toilet. This is a very exciting step as finally you are free of changing/washing (if you cloth) nappies!

  1. Get yourself a good baby accessible toilet. Here is a pretty comprehensive write up on some of your options and what to look out for that will work for you.
  2. Baby will need some sort of underwear that they can easily undo/take off. Get yourself some cloth nappies with velcro so tiny hands can start to help themselves.
  3. What to wear: shirts and shorts NOT onesies are going to be the way to go. Think about dressing your baby in long tanks/dresses or skirts instead of pants to make things even easier for them. The easier things are the more likely they are to succeed.
  4. Once your little one can easily remove the velcro cloth nappy and they are not having accidents anymore you can start thinking about baby underpants. We actually sell our organic underpants in baby sizes specifically to cater to parents practicing EC. Little toddler legs in cute little underpants is crazy cute too.
  5. Time to upgrade from the potty to a toilet insert. This will make the toilet a safe place for your toddler to sit without falling in. You will also need a stool to help them get up and on.

I hope you have a great deal of success with Elimination Communication. I cannot wait to use this practice with my own children. In the meantime my experiences from my nieces will continue to inspire my designs.


Thanks for reading.

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