How I altered the Grainline Archer into a dress.

How I altered the Grainline Archer into a dress.

If anyone has been following along with my Instagram (@morningstardesigns) you will know I have made a number of Archer Shirts. You can check out some I blogged here and here.

I have been looking for a sleeveless shirtless dress to wear over leggings or jeans in Autumn/Winter for a while and could not find any in the shops… I would also like something I can sell in my shop that is actually good.

Now for the photos (follow to the end for the how).

Grainline Studios, Shirt dress, Archer shirt

Handmade Shirt Dress

Grainline Archer Dress Grainline Studios, Archer Button up, Shirt dress


Sleeveless Shirt Dress



Now for the part that all the sewing people out there might find interesting…How altered archer

Here is the short of it:

I have altered the bodice part of the Grainline Studios Archer in the past to fit me well and now I have a pretty well fitting set up.

So what I did with this one:

Add 6″ in length and made the skirt more A-line.

Omitted the sleeves.

Angled the top of the arm hole in.

Added bodice darts to wherever they worked the best.

Finished the arm holes with bias tape.

Extended the button placket all the way to the bottom (the buttons are fake after the top 5).


*** What I will do different next time, make it an extra inch longer. Use a bit less interfacing. Hopefully work it so I don’t need a bust dart at all.

DSC_0003 low res


Happy Sewing!

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