Period underwear: truth

Period underwear: truth

This year I have been trying out and testing period underwear. For those that do not know period underwear is a sustainable alternative to disposable sanitary items – think cloth pads only sexier.

If you are only just looking into period underwear you probably have seen them crop up here and there. Basically the idea is you wear absorbent, specially made, protects your outer clothes underwear in place of OR in addition to other items. After wearing them for the right amount of time, different for everyone, you just give them a rinse, hang them to dry and then throw them in with your regular washing load. It is very easy and not disgusting at all – at least I haven’t found it weird. You can even just give it a rinse in the shower.

Some key advantages: Much more comfortable, more freedom of movement, no chemicals touching your fragile areas (all the bleach and chemicals in pads and tampons is absorbed by your body and they can also dry out and adjust your natural balance), dramatically reducing your environmental footprint, long term better on your hip pocket.

There are a few companies on the market. I tried two: Modibodi and Thinx.


Left: Modibodi Right: Thinx – both moderate absorbency


Modibodi is Australian owned, this was very exciting for me… Until I received the products and found they were made in China anyway. They came with an excessive amount of plastic packaging and took months and months to arrive. Unfortunately they also stuffed up my order. The customer service team were okay at resolving this. This product does work well – however they only have light and moderate absorbencies – I would not recommend this for periods. If you are wearing them because of light bladder weakness or sweating then go for it. I also found Modibodi’s to be a bit bulkier. They have a nice cotton feel which is reassuring but less secure against accidental leaks on your clothing.


Thinx are based in America. I decided to purchase their ‘cycle set’ where you purchase 7 pairs and save. In my variety I got a range of absorbencies. My advice would be to just get 7 hiphuggers – these are comfortable and absorbent and means you will always be prepared for anything. I found some of the underwear was not quite right for me BUT they have an excellent customer relations team and were very happy to offer me replacement pairs without any questions asked. These pairs feel much more durable, they have cotton feel fabric on the inside and a more polyester on the outside – these really work hard to make sure you do not get any blood on your clothing or furnishings. Thinx has incredibly cute and sexy (weird to say about period undies but just go check them out) underwear.


Customer service: Thinx by far

Value for money: Thinx

Quality of product: Thinx

Durability: This seems pretty equal

Promotions: Thinx always has better deals


I went into this trial hoping this solution would work for me and it definitely does. I love not having to purchase pads or worry about running out. It feels very positive to not have my period adding to landfill. They are also much more comfortable then pads. I feel like I can wear what I want with my period instead of worrying about things. My calculations worked out that if my underwear lasts at least 2 years then I will have saved money and so so much unnecessary waste. My advice would be to take the plunge and invest in some to help save you money and the planet.


If you want to save $10 on your Thinx purchase you can use my code here. This is not a sponsored post.

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