Sewing my way through ‘Love at First Stitch’ – The Megan Dress

Sewing my way through ‘Love at First Stitch’ – The Megan Dress

the Esther dress

The Megan Dress is one of many patterns in the Love At First Stitch Book, thanks Granny Nancy for the awesome gift.

It was not love at first ‘stitch’ for me with the Megan Dress. The fit on me did not match the fit displayed in the book and it wasn’t something I was used to wearing. I have worked out that this is because the measurements to fit are very different to the finished garment measurements. I made the first one in an amazing light weight Indian Cotton in blue with a small pattern on it. I loved the fabric so I committed to wearing the dress… Even if it was looser then I had hoped.

the Esther dress the Esther dress

I am beyond happy to report that I grew to love this first Megan Dress so much that I now wear it so long it is definitely a major staple in my wardrobe. Granted, I do have to wear a bra with this dress given that it does not have a full lining and it is not fitted.

I love love love the Megan Dress (at least my first one). I have tried unsuccessfully to make another Megan Dress that I have fallen in love with. This is my fault though for choosing the wrong fabrics. Light and soft fabrics only for this one guys.

the Esther dress

Definitely try it and love it, or hate it and then give it away. I have tried making it with the sleeve option and have always hated it and found it uncomfortable. You might like it though, so who knows.

Thanks for reading.

Catelyn 🙂

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