What I have been sewing lately : Changing up the Archer Button Up

Personally, I do not find the Grainline Archer shirt to have the ideal fit. I am slowly working out the best way to alter the pattern. First of all – it needs to be an inch longer through the bodies and in the arms. Secondly I do not like the look of the back with the pleat so I have gotten rid of it entirely. 

 In this version (and all subsequent versions) instead of the two big rectangle pockets I opted for a single pocket with a triangular bottom. In this case the pocket has a batman comic on it. 
Here is how the back looks without the back pleat – much nicer!! I do need to remember add a bit of width through the hips though as my shirts always seem to be too tight in the hips DESPITE the fact that I am sewing sizes bigger then my hip measurement would point to. 
I have completely disregarded the button placement in the pattern and come up with my own – so far my placement has resulted in far less boob gape… For other ladies with this problem you know what I mean! Ultimately it means I have to use 10 buttons every time instead of 8.  
I started sewing these shirts because I wanted to be able to make my girlfriend (who has a small bust and big hips) shirts that she would like and that would fit. The Archer is too loose and a bit boxy so I think my changes are helping. 
I think I am figuring out the details of the pattern and really tweaking it to make it my own – by the time I am done it will be a very very different pattern. Which I like. I also want to add some more width to the front pieces + collar stand to allow wearers to have a bow tie with the shirt. 

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