Wiksten Tank – sewing for me.

Wiksten Tank
I have admired this pattern since I saw it here and here and almost everywhere else in blogland.
It took me several tries to get it right but I feel pretty confident I have mastered the Wiksten now!

The pattern itself is very easy, only 2 pieces to cut, front and back. Following many other bloggers advice I took an inch out of the back and raised the front by an inch. The fit on me needed a lot of adjusting as my bust and my hips do not fit the same size.

It finishes beautifully with french seams and bias tape.

(I do not really like to have my photograph taken, so this is the best you get)
 Bias Detail
 French seam detail
Lined up pocket detail
These are some of my earlier, less perfect attempts at the Wilksten tank.



Pattern: Wiksten Tank
Size: Modified S/M
Fabric: Japanese printed cotton lawn from Spotlight
Modifications: I made this one about 3″ longer then the pattern so that I could wear it over leggings in the ‘in-between-seasons’. I also used store bought bias tape for the arms and neck holes.

Now that I am confident with this one I will be selling them here and here.

Till next time 🙂

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